NZGirls Escort Supplies

Every girl wants the best deals, especially when it comes to shopping...NZ Girls have a selected some of the best suppliers of erotic, sensual orgasmic lingerie, shoes, boots, panties and sex toys...

We have made it well known that we are trying our best to provide one the best advertising deals for NZ girls.

  1. Bulletgiving the best exposure, with lots of sites NZ-Girls, NZGirlsAuckland, Christchurch Escorts etc

  2. Bulletpromotions on Twitter and Facebook...and being on the front page of search engines

  3. BulletWe offer a commission on sexy videos

  4. BulletWe introduce our latest idea...cos we know you girls want to look fantastic We have tried to be selective and concentrated on companies that offer quality for a great price... whilst nothing is guaranteed.... we hope that we have done enough homework to make buying through NZGirls safer

If you know of any great suppliers...drop us a line or...EMAIL us or text (022) 367 1060

Sales here assist with funding the we can provide the NZ Girls free adverts without them having to buy expensive advertising

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