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Why did we start these escorting sites???... We have been taking photographs of Christchurch and Wellington  girls for 5-6 years...we took the first photos of girls for a Christchurch Sensual Massage company...we didn’t even know that such a service existed...

As time went on, many of the girls would complain about the way they were being treated by website owners that were paid by these girls...which in turn charged them for everything, to register, if they wanted exclusive rights on THEIR name, they charged them to be exclusive with them... they were bossy etc etc

In the end we said we will start a website...

We have met some amazing girls in this industry... this site is for you... use it make some money

If you think we could do things to improve it...let us know send an email to girls@nz-girls.com.. Thank you

So how do we fund the creating and running of NZGirls... well it all comes down to advertising... because we aren’t charging the girls...and the guys need to understand that... they should support more sites like our and book the girls through our site as opposed to other sites that charge a fortune...

So how do we make ends meet... the adult advertising on our site... and the videos that the girls provide to us to host on our site... although we do share the income from the videos...

So guys if you are wanting to look at Porn, flirting sites, amateur porn sites please look at them via our website... so we can keep providing a FREE service to all of the girls that advertise at NZGirls

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“The world (the outsiders) pushes us away. And the outsiders, they are our clients. On the outside people are disgusted by us (prostitutes), but in here (in secret) they love us and they love our bodies." -Bangladeshi Prostitute


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